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About Back & Nerve Chiropractic Center in Yankton

Yankton Chiropractor Dr. Marlin Braun and his wife

Dr. Marlin Braun and his wife Sharon

“I’ve been happily practicing since 1980 and in this location since 2006. I love every moment of helping my practice members from Yankton, SD and the surrounding southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska communities!”

Getting Results Based on Wellness

“Our primary goals are to help you through chiropractic, educate you on wellness care, and support you along the way.”

We take a deep interest in finding out as much as we can about your health condition and then giving you the best care we can.

“I’m really excited when I meet health-conscious individuals who are genuinely interested in improving their mental, physical and spiritual health, naturally. This shows us that you’re really dedicated to your health in the long term (and that’s exactly what chiropractic care is all about)!”

Comfortable, Unique Chiropractic Care

Are you apprehensive?
“Let me ease your mind!”

“We use the latest technologically advanced iQ Impulse adjusting instrument which is very gentle, effective, and feels great. For babies we use the small Chiropractic Adjusting Tool for an even gentler correction.”

A Better Future, A Friendly Doctor and Results You Want

“My practice members appreciate that I’m easy to talk to, open-minded and I treat them all like friends. We’ll discuss your health goals and chalk out a plan to get you the relief and results you want!”

We believe you have the ability to heal if you trust your body and our advice. Give yourself the time you need to heal and you’ll be amazed at how incredible and uplifted you can feel!

“Give us a call so we can help you feel relaxed and refreshed again!”  Contact our Yankton Chiropractic office today to book an appointment with Dr. Marlin Braun!
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