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Never Too Busy

65ab6d58-01f6-459e-b96a-7ed2b05da6d9_zps9a25c6ff     Recently, our 4th of 5 daughters, Ruth, was married to a fine young man.  If you have had any experience with weddings in your own family, you know that the bride is pretty busy on wedding day.  However, a good chiropractic adjustment is key to a happy, healthy day — so Ruth knew that she needed to be checked, even on this busy day of her life.

Our family had the privilege of gathering together for 5 days before the wedding, and during that time I made a total of 54 adjustments!  That included the 5 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, one groom, my wife, 8 grandchildren, the in-laws, and a number of family friends.  All who know that you are never too busy to get a good chiropractic adjustment!

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