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New Patient Reviews

  • I am very happy I found you. Have had great help in feeling better! Treatment was painless and felt better right away, I will definitely be back when I need another adjustment.

    -Marcella L.
  • Very thankful to Dr. Braun for providing me with instant relief!

    -Tamara H.
  • Very skilled and made me feel very comfortable all without any pain!

    -Jennifer H.
  • It was a pleasant and informative visit.

    -Luann M.
  • The staff are so welcoming and are very positive. The learning experience and help I received just on my first visit was so hopeful. I am already a believer and at each treatment I learn something new.

    -Linda S.
  • The doctor is very nice and explains things if I don’t understand. I’m glad I got the referral from a friend.

    -Sharon J.
  • Very professional, glad I came here.

    -Phyllis J.
  • I’m very grateful to Dr. Braun for the wonderful care I’m receiving… and that I’m so quickly recovering!! 

    -Kathy N.
  • I was very impressed and happy with the results. They are very caring and really want you to feel better.

    - Laure G.
  • Very kind and willing to work with me gave me some good things to do to strength my body up. Best Chiropractor in town 

    -Darrell V.
  • I have only been to two chiropractors, and Dr. Braun is the best chiropractor I have been to, he listens and he knows what he is doing!

    -Greg N.
  • Thanks for all you do, I knew it was a good thing that I was referring people in your direction!

    -Stacey N.
  • Was very satisfied with the whole experience.

    -Linda S.
  • Keep up the good personal and professional service.

    -Charles M.
  • Dr. Braun was wonderful with explaining everything that was going on. I left without being in pain and felt comfortable during my visit. I definitely recommend Dr. Braun!

    -Tayler D.
  • Dr. Braun treated me with compassion and was very caring. I have been in a lot of pain and he relieved that. I believe that he is a professional and very competent. Many thanks Dr. Braun.

    -Joe L.
  • The whole experience was very pleasant!

    -Charleen W.

Better Than Expected!

The experience of going to a chiropractor was not what I thought it would be. No pulling, yanking or twisting, just a comment to let me know what to expect and done! Can’t believe how much better I feel overall. Thank you!*
-Lori S.

Highly Recommend

Dr. Braun is very thorough and explains everything he is going to do before doing it. He takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Braun.
-Cynthia G.

Feeling Much Better!

By the end of the day of my first treatment, I could not believe how much better I already felt! From limping around in horrible pain to feeling almost back to normal was more then I ever could have expected from one visit.
-Lara H.

Delightful and Welcoming

Enjoyed learning of the new technology! Much less anxious treatment. I like the details of how things work.. would like more input on the way our nerves work with the spinal column. Looking forward to my next visit. Your office atmosphere was delightful and welcoming. Thank you.
-Evelyn S.

Very Considerate

I received a personal call from Dr.Braun the next day. It was very considerate to do a follow up on how I was doing after my initial treatment. All of my subsequent visits are specially tailored for my needs. I enjoy his smile and the entire staff.
-Roberta S.

Impressed and Very Satisfied

I was impressed and very satisfied my experience. It helped re-establish my trust in chiropractic care. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. All of my expectations were met or exceeded. That is not an easy feat as a fellow medical professional. I could not even put my own socks on before I went and after 2 days and 2 treatments I was back to full-time
work. Thanks again!
-Josh L.

Wow! Great Provider

Wow! Great provider, sending all my friends and family here. Wish I had gone much sooner, I can walk without pain, sleep is once again productive.
-Crystal D.

Very Friendly

Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Great if you are new to chiropractic!
-Kayla N.

My Back Is Feeling Good

It’s hard to comprehend that I feel so good in my back. Now if I can get my legs feeling better and my hands I would be perfect. Thanks for everything it’s been great
-Jolene D.


Dr. Braun and wife and Daughter were wonderful and treated me with kindness and cared about me and my situation. Dr. Braun helped my body come through the pain I was in.
– Joe L.

Awesome Experience

Awesome experience. I was kind of nervous taking my baby to a chiropractor but Dr. Braun was so patient and helpful. He is great trying to keep a 2 year old entertained!
– Staci W.


I was amazed by the follow up! Never have I ever been called to check progress after the appointment!
– Sam H.

Best Chiropractor

Best chiropractor I have ever been to and I have been seeing them for 25 years.
– Troy H.


I am just happy I found Dr. Braun. He has provided so much relief for my back problems. I have had chiropractic treatment before but not with the results of Dr. Braun.
– Linda N.

Helpful Attitude

Thank you for your caring, thoughtful, helpful attitude!
– Rachel W.

So Glad I Found You

So glad I found you guys.
– Rodger W.

Very Gentle And Thorough

Doctor is very gentle and thorough. I was nervous because it was my first time and I was skeptical. My opinion has changed and I find chiropractic care to be very helpful. I have found a great deal of relief. I would highly recommend.
– Brooke N.

Perfect Chiropractor

Do believe I have found the perfect chiropractor in Yankton. Making me even happier that this is where we chose to retire!
– Kathy O.

Living Pain Free

Thanks for everything you have done for me. I am living pain free and I now have a greater understanding about chiropractic’s.
– Nelson M.