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We Rarely Get Sick -- So, What Happened??

My wife, Sharon, and I rarely get sick at all.  We do try very hard to take good care of ourselves by eating healthy,

taking vitamins, exercising, and of course, regular chiropractic care.  However, there are times when stressors in life lower our resistance and we do get temporarily sick.


One example of a stressor would be the recent painting project in our closed-up house in the middle of a winter cold spell.  Yep…the invisible “fumes” we both breathed in, lowered our resistance enough to allow us both to catch an upper respiratory infection.  (Side note — paint today doesn’t even “smell”, yet you know that whatever chemicals they added to cover up the traditional odor of paint have probably got to be more toxic than the traditional odor of days gone by.)


Fortunately with rest, supplements, and chiropractic care we quickly recovered.  Life is like that — even when we work hard at being well — we sometimes get sick.  Just helps us appreciate all the wonderful days of great health!

                                                                                                                      Marlin & sharon 2

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